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About Rakuten Broadband Premium

Community Involvement

Rakuten Broadband Premium aims for continued progress in the future, working as a responsible member of society in cooperation with our valued customers.

GOL supports the aims of organizations which do socially worthwhile activities by sponsoring their websites. Keeping connected with our community is an important part of our corporate philosophy. The services we provide have been becoming a part of many people's lives and also becoming an indispensable method for education / understanding for all of us.

TELL(Tokyo English Life Line)


Tokyo English Life Line is a multifaceted, nonprofit organization that has been serving the international and business communities in Japan since 1973.
Services include free phone counseling and information,professional face-to-face counseling, and educational workshops. GOL supports hosting TELL's Web site.

FEWiForeign Executive Women's Club)


Description: FEW is a non-profit organization for foreign women who reside and have jobs in Japan.
FEW develops a network through monthly meetings, various events and special programs, with emphasis on helping, knowledge and information exchange, technical progression and building relationships.
GOL hosts this site for free.

Canadian Education Alliance


Description: Canadian Education Alliance (CEA) is a non-profit organization established by professionals in the Canadian educational field to introduce Canadian educational organizations of high quality to Japan in an effective manner.
The main activity of the CEA is to introduce it's Canadian educational organization members to Japan.
Our members schools maintain an internationally oriented, high standard or education in a safe, inexpensive environment.
Currently, we are providing the programs such as the following: 4-year university, university college, community college, high school exchange program, short-term exchange program, ESL (language study course) ,and combinations of different programs such as ESL & sport, ESL & music, ESL & environmental study etc.

Japan AIDS Preventich Awareness Network


Description: Japan AIDS Prevention Awareness Network (JAPANetwork) is a group of volunteer educators throughout Japan who are interested in teaching about HIV/AIDS in the EFL (English as a foreign language) classroom. JAPANetwork's web site offers free AIDS lesson plans, articles, games, information for teachers and work pages for students containing reading passages, quizzes and project ideas for the classroom.

ISSHO Kikaku


Description: (ISSHO = Together; KIKAKU = Project) is a Japan-based, non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 1992. The organization aims to:

* provide a crossroads for information exchange between communities using diverse languages.
* monitor issues related to human diversity, language, culture and coexistence.
* facilitate a greater recognition and understanding of the above issues, both in the East Asian region and worldwide.