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Privacy Policy

"Spamming is the scourge of electronic-mail and newsgroups on the Internet. It can seriously interfere with the operation of public services, to say nothing of the effect it may have on any individual's e-mail mail system. ... Spammers are, in effect, taking resources away from users and service suppliers without compensation and without authorization."

-- Vint Cerf, Senior Vice President, MCI
and acknowleged "Father of the Internet"

Due to the emergence of bulk Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE, also commonly known as 'SPAM'), Global OnLine has been forced to deny the ability to deliver mail from certain domains on the Internet in order to protect its network and maintain service availability.

In general this is done only after repeated attempts to resolve these situations with the owners of these domains have failed to produce any solution. However the nature of some mail-based attacks on the GOL network is such that such blocks may be placed on short or no notice.

GOL thus cannot guarantee email connectivity with any arbitrary email address on the Internet.

For more information on SPAM, please see any of the following websites:

Fight Spam on the Internet! http://spam.abuse.net/

Welcome to CAUCE! http://www.cauce.org/

(Note: these external sites are not maintained or endorsed by GOL. Please report any broken or outdated links to webmaster@gol.com