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Domein Name Registration

Advertise your company name or product name! Rakuten Broadband Premium helps you register your original domain and make the most of your Web promotions.

Domain Lookup

Please enter your desired domain, select the appropriate extension, and click the "search" button to check availability.

domein lookup
.com .info .net .co.jp .ne.jp .or.jp .jp
.org .de .gr.jp .tv .cc .ac.jp  

At least three characters have to be used if you select a .jp domain.

What is a domain?

A domain is one of the ways in which addresses on the Internet may be represented. The location of a server on the Internet is ordinarily described by its IP address, but IP addresses, which are long strings of numbers, are inconvenient to work with and difficult to remember. Domains replace these strings of numbers with strings of characters, which are easier for humans to remember.

Domains are of the form xxx.co.jp.

What are the advantages of obtaining a domain?

Individual users generally use domains supplied by their Internet service providers, but many businesses obtain a domain for use by their organization (an original domain). Obtaining an original domain allows a business to use the domain to whatever end it pleases. The original domain appears in email addresses and website URLs as printed on business cards and in advertisements, thus allowing the business to communicate its existence in an easy-to-understand way.

What are the different categories of domain?

There are many different categories of domain. Click here to see the categories of domain available from Rakuten Broadband Premium.

Note that some domains require certain conditions to be met before the domain can be obtained.

Acquiring a domain and using our services

Acquiring a domain confers the right to use that domain, but simply acquiring the domain does not provide access to email addresses or webpages. (It is possible simply to acquire and reserve a desired domain without using it).

Rakuten Broadband Premium provides services for customers to use in conjunction with acquired domains. Find and select the service that matches your company's needs.

What are you going to use your domain for? WHP VPH service details VDM

Note: Domains in the .com, .net, .org, .tv, .cc, and .info domains must be registered through Tucow Inc..

Domains in the .jp domain must be registered through JPRS (Rakuten Communications Network Service is a designated affiliate of JPRS).

For questions regarding the availability of domain categories that cannot be found using the domain-name search above,please contact our sales department.