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Domein Name Registration


From the Application Process to Using Your Domain

【Acquiring A New Domain】

1 Check to make sure the domain you want is available.

Search Domain

domein lookup
.com .info .net .co.jp .ne.jp .or.jp .jp
.org .de .gr.jp .tv .cc .ac.jp  


Caution! The results of the above domain search reflect the status of the domain at the time the search was conducted. They do not guarantee that you will be able to acquire the domain.

2 Send in your application form.

Fill in all required fields and fax the form to us.


*The application form contains three pages. Note that any fields left blank may cause delays in processing your application.
*For details, contact our sales department.

Address for Applications
Rakuten Communications Corp.
Rakuten Broadband Premium: Domain registrar
FAX: 03-5491-3501

3 We take steps to acquire the domain for you.

We will take steps to acquire the domain for you. We will contact you when the process is completed.
(This generally takes a few days to a week after we receive your request).

4 Nameserver configuration

We will configure nameservers as appropriate for your domain.


Customers using other Rakuten Broadband Premium services (such as the web hosting package or VPH)


We will register the nameservers designated by the services you are using.



Customers who wish to register and use our nameservers.


After hearing the content of the records in the zone file, we will configure it.



Customers who wish to use another company's nameservers.


We will configure the nameserver data you provide to us on a transition date of your choosing.



Customers who wish only to acquire a domain.


We will register one of our nameservers. We will configure the records in the zone file according to your preferences.

Start of service


The following payment methods are available for our domain registration services.

  1. Bank transfer
  2. Credit card

You may select a payment method when you apply for our domain registration service.
For customers choosing to pay by bank transfer, we will send an invoice the month following the month of your application.
For customers choosing to pay by credit card, we will send a detailed statement.

Note: Customers using our Internet connection services, hosting services, or other services may choose to bundle payments for all services into a single invoice. In this case, customers may pay by account transfer in addition to the payment methods listed above.

■Terms of Contract and Usage Guidelines
  • Customers who register their domain through Rakuten Broadband Premium must agree to the OPEN SRS domain registration consent form and the ICANN domain-name conflict resolution policy.
    Click here to see the OPEN SRS domain registration consent form.
    Click here to read about the ICANN domain-name conflict resolution policy.

  • All services provided by Rakuten Broadband Premium comply with the Rakuten Broadband Premium service usage guidelines, user policies, and all contract terms relating to mail filtering. Click here for details.

■Other Notes
  • Unless you provide an explicit cancellation request, your domain name registration will be automatically renewed every year.

  • Domain registration may take up to 5 days. To ensure that the registration process proceeds as smoothly as possible, please have all required documentation ready at the time of your application.