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Virtual Private Hosting Service

The newest rental server solution for businesses. Combine the scalability of a dedicated server with the convenience of shared hosting.

Virtual Private Hosting Service is a rental server service built on a concept of offering you everything a dedicated server provides at the affordable price of shared hosting. While the server hardware and host operating system is in fact, shared, our use of virtualization technology allocates a dedicated file system for each customer. You will be given root privileges on your VPH, allowing for easy installation of software packages that all run independently on the host machine. Security is rigorously monitored by Rakuten Broadband Premium so that you can devote more of your time to site management.

How VPH Works

How VPH Works

With full root privileges, users have unlimited access to their own fully customizable private partition on the shared hardware.

How Shared Hosting Works

How Shared Hosting Works

Although shared server services are popular and cheap, multiple users share the same hardware, OS, and server applications. Also, since users are not separated from each other, data can potentially be compromised by scripts by other users.

Key technology of Rakuten Broadband Premium's VPH Service. Recommended for customers who are not satisfied with hosting package or looking for easy-to-use VPH service

Virtualization Technology

Virtualization technology allocates an independent file system for each customer and provides a safe and stable virtual operating system. With root access for each customer, the server is capable of running multiple independent processes at the same time, providing customers full control of their own resources on their virtual layer. Customers can install and configure applications as they require.

Effective Use of Resources

Whether a database server or an application server, the usage of resources for corporations and businesses varies greatly depending upon how and how much is used. Rakuten Broadband Premium's VPH is built on robust and powerful hardware that can provide for better performance than that offered on a dedicated server. Resources from inactive servers will be redistributed to others, where the demand is needed.

Separation of Applications and Effective Server Integration

Applications run in an isolated environment, maintaining security and preventing unauthorized access.

Reduction of Management Costs

By having customers' multiple applications run on the same operating system, system management costs are reduced.