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Other Hosting Services

Virtual Domain Mail Service

Rakuten Broadband Premium provides professional mind for your business by offering the e-mail address that used the domain name of email service.
Rakuten Broadband Premium virtual domain email (VDM) offers the e-mail address according to your request. You can choose the format of the E-mail as info@yourcompany.com or sales@yourcompany.jp as your like.
This address be used even from where in the world and can access it in the Web Mail system of Rakuten Broadband Premium. You can get the new confidence from a customer by proposing the identity of a stronger company. It's suitable for a business card.

Service specification

  • A mailbox of 20MB in capacity.

  • The e-mail address that it is easy to learn that used the domain name of the visitor.

  • The E-mail system which is managed by experienced UNIX server engineers.

  • The additional change and deletion of the e-mail address to be able to simplify.

  • You can use the domain of the website.