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GOL ADSL Service eA Course

Broadband close to you... GOL eAccess ADSL 1,800yen / month (1,890yen tax included)

■ the preliminary setup fee will be 0 yen >> Details here

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Provides ADSL at a great price Whether you have a need for speed or just testing the water, ADSL with eAccess allows for customers to choose what plan is right for them.Service will be available to you just by signing up once with Rakuten Broadband Premium.


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1,800 yen




2,600 yen

ADSL service is provided via an Ymobile corporation owned and operated network. A broadband service with maximum downstream capabilities of 50Mbps and maximum upstream capabilities of 5Mbps is available at a flat rate. Construction fees will be minimal if using your existing analog telephone line.
* Depending on the distance between the customer's residence and the nearest NTT switch, speed/quality may suffer or the service may be unavailable. This distance can be checked out below.
Plans with IP-Phone included are also available.
All prices shown are excluded tax unless otherwise specified.