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GOL eAccess ADSL

How to Sign Up

How to Sign-up

A one time application with Rakuten Broadband Premium is all that's required.

Signing up by clicking on the "Sign up now!" button on the right will waive the preliminary fee of 2,000yen

A Note to Customers

■Points of Note when Using
  • Multiple sessions with other providers are not possible with this service.

  • Due to interference caused by certain household appliances and the local environment, your connection may become unstable or possibly even unusable. Please be aware that NTT will bill you for the construction fees regardless.

  • Although a fast and constant stable connection is the main feature of an ADSL service, it is not guaranteed. For the purpose of maintenance, you may experience temporary slowdown or loss of connection.

  • A regular telephone-billing fee could be charged if this service is not used as directed.

  • Occasionally, we may be forced to temporarily disable your service to allow for NTT maintenance.

  • After your service is activated, if for any reason you are not satisfied by your connection speed, you may request a "line refinement construction" for a fee. In some cases however, we may not be able to initiate construction due to equipment/hardware circumstances and customers should also be aware that there is no guarantee that the problem will be fixed even after construction has been completed.

■Points of Note Regarding Your Line
  • Due to inevitable problems regarding equipment, there are cases where we may not be able to provide service even within our proclaimed service area.

  • If you have a gas leakage detection system, security system, or specialized electricity, gas, aqueduct systems, you may require a separate "Type-2" ADSL line. Please confirm this with the respective providers of these services beforehand.

  • GOL ADSL Service eA Course can not be used along with services such as: INS Net 64, Receiving Dedicated Phone (Chakushinyou Denwa), Dial-In Additional Numbers (Dial-In Tsuika Bangou), Signal Detection Transmission Service (Shingou Kanshi Tsushin Service), Off-Talk Transmission Service (Off-Talk Tsushin Service), etc.

■Before You Register
  • After GOL accepts your registration and Ymobile confirms it, NTT will conduct a compatibility test on your line. The address and name of the registered owner of the NTT line must be written correctly on the application. These are critical pieces of information so if you are not 100% sure, please confirm by calling NTT at 0120-565-950 (English).

  • Any corrections or changes to your modem and/or line after registration will cause a delay in your service commencement date. Certain fees may be incurred. Contact the Customer Center (0120-987-800) for detailed information.

  • For detailed information on Ymobile ADSL, please visit the Ymobile corporation homepage.

    Questions ( http://www.eaccess.net/faq/index.html) Japanese only

  • In the event that payment is not met for one month of ADSL service the service will be cancelled and the customer will need to reapply for ADSL from the beginning. All initial set-up charges for a new ADSL application are applicable.

■Making Changes

If you wish to change your ADSL installation details (i.e. location, speed,phone number etc.) you will be billed and additional fee of 4000 yen. For customers who have just applied, please inform us immediately. If we are not informed before the application is processed by NTT, these fees must be passed on to the customer. Please note that you will be charged these fees regardless of whether or not the original service was used.

  1. Change of Line Type
    This refers to a customer changing from Type 1 ADSL to Type 2 ADSL or vice versa.A fee of 4000 yen shall be incurred.

  2. Changes in Phone Location and Phone Number
    A fee of 4000 yen will be incurred.

  3. Cancellation
    The initial fee will not be refunded. Please note that the charges for that entire month will still be billed to you regardless of your cancellation date.

  4. Trading Your Protector
    In some cases, if you are using a Type 1 line, you may be disconnected from your ADSL connection when there is an incoming telephone call. This problem can be fixed by replacing your modular switch. NTT will facilitate the construction and a fee of 10000 yen will be, charged by GOL. Please contact the support department at supporte@gol.com.
    * Please acknowledge that GOL does not claim any responsibility for any construction done on your line by NTT. Similarly, we will not provide any refunds for unsatisfactory connections caused by the ADSL connection environment.

  5. Change from GOL ADSL Service eA Course to GOL FLET'S ADSL service
    To process with the minimum amount of downtime, you will need to cancel your current ADSL Service eA Course in order to apply for NTT FLET'S service to avoid being rejected by NTT due to your line already having an existing ADSL service on it.

The steps you need to take are as follows:
ADSL Service eA Course Cancellation -> Registering for FLET'S ADSL with NTT -> Changing your GOL Service Type.

Because of the prolonged process we must go through before enabling your FLET'S ADSL service, we recommend that you apply for cancellation 2 - 3 weeks in advance of the date you want to have your current ADSL Service eA Course cancelled. We also recommend that you mention this ADSL Service eA Course cancellation date when you request your FLET'S ADSL line with NTT. According to your cancellation date, NTT will be able to schedule a line transfer construction on the closest date ahead of time. When the FLET'S ADSL enablement date is confirmed, please apply for your FLET'S ADSL account with GOL. We will then assist you with the required settings and authentication ID for your new service.

All prices shown are excluded tax unless otherwise specified.