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GOL eAccess ADSL

Application Flow

Area Serch  
  • Check whether your place is in the service area.
Check Service Area(Japanese only)
Apply eAccess ADSL
  • Make sure to check the latest information for using ADSL Service. (Changing Type requires a handling charge)
After the application is accepted,NTT will investigate the lines.
  • Even though you are in an area offering ADSL, successful delivery of service, in certain circumstances, may not be possible. Additional wiring work and / or equipment changes and setting may be required.
  • If the event further detailed line investigation is need NTT charges are applicable. Thank you for your understanding.
Service Introduction information will be sent. 1.Line investigation results will be sent from Ymobile corporation. (Japanese language only)
2.GOL ADSL Service eA Course Account information.
3.A FUSION IP-Phone Service Introduction information will be sent by mail separately.(If you apply for IP-Phone)
  • Account connection IDs and Passwords and other important information will be included so please ensure keep these for your records.
VoIP Modem will be sent.
  • The delivery date for the VoIP modem may differ from the arrival of the Service Introduction. Information depending on various circumstances. Thank you for you understanding.
Line Construction
  • Type1 (Shared with telephone type): Construction at NTT branch
  • Type2 (ADSL leased type): Regular wiring work at customer site. Customers need to be present onsite.
Open GOL eAccess Service
Set up VoIP Modem
Start using GOL eAccess + FUSION IP-Phone
  • Please set up modem according to the manual included in the modem package and Service Introduction Information described in Step 4.
  • Onsite installation services for connection and set up are available. (Charges apply)

Customer's singing up for IP-Phone included plan

  • Your "IP-Phone Service Account Details" will be sent to you separately from Rakuten Communications.

  • After configuring your VoIP Modem/Router for Internet access, you may proceed to enable your IP-Phone service from the following URL.

    http://www.fusioncom.co.jp/setup/ (Japanese only)

  • Clicking this link will launch your default web browser and the IP-Phone setup wizard.

  • Do not attempt to proceed with IP-Phone setup until you have received your "IP-Phone Service Account Details" and have read through the IP-Setup Guide If you have any difficulties, please call GOL for support.