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Optional Services

IP-Phone Service

Save on phone bills with phone communications via FUSION IP network technology, Calls to non-users nationwide are just 8 yen/3 min. (8.4 yen tax included). Calls between IP-Phone users are free of charge!

Virus Filtering

Aggressive defense against virus threats starts at the Rakuten Broadband Premium server. Scans incoming E-mails for viruses and blocks infected E-mails from reaching your mailbox. Also scans outgoing E-mail free of charge!

Mail Plus

Add extra space up to 3GB to your basic allocation of 20MB. Then stop worrying about your mailbox filling up because of attachments or inactivity, Compatble IMAP!

Additional Mailbox

Add a single additional E-mail address to your GOL account. Convenient!

Advanced SPAM Filtering

Blocks SPAM E-mail at the Rakuten Broadband Premium server with a powerful sensor called "SPAM Assassin" Strong defensive power protects against SPAM in three different ways!