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Advanced SPAM Filtering


Rakuten Broadband Premium's "Advanced Spam Filtering Service" just got better! The new and improved SPAM elimination suite now includes the award-winning "Spam Assassin" content filter, a new "GreyList" sender validation system and the highly innovative "SES"(Signed Envelope Sender) NDN authenticity routine. The combined defensive power of this anti-SPAM task force is strong enough to restore your inbox to the hub of communication it was intended to be.


A Three-Pronqed Attack against SPAM


"Spam Assassin" Content Filter

Choose your own filtering level on a scale of 1 to 20. Spam Assassin scans incoming mail for pre-defined "tokens" that are then assigned a score and added up to be checked against your personal filtering level.


"Greylist" Sender Validation

Suspicious mail is temporarily stored and then delivered upon confirmation of legitimacy. A powerful last wall of defense against cleverly designed SPAM that sneaks by other filters.


"SES" (Signed Envelope Sender) NDN* Authenticity Routine

NDN: Non-Delivery Notification - E-mail that is returned to the sender due to undeliverability. Non-Delivery Notifications (also known as "bounces") that appear in your inbox due to remote mail systems incorrectly interpreting (and returning) undeliverable mail is known as "backscatter". The SES authenticity routine checks all such incoming mails for a GOL-specific "signature" to judge whether the mail actually originated from your account or not. Only E-mail with the presence of the signature confirmed are allowed in.

Designed for Simplicity


Easy to apply, configure, or cancel online.


SPAM is blocked on the server side.


Self learning system becomes more accurate as time goes by.