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Security Information / Viruses


In response to today's global virus propagation, Rakuten Broadband Premium utilizes a powerful scanning system aimed at neutralizing the threat of incoming and outgoing virus-infected mail. Our system is implemented on the server side and automatically updates itself with the newest virus definitions available, thus, eliminating the need for our users to modify any pre-existing configurations on local machines/networks.

Outgoing mail scanning is a standard service provided by Rakuten Broadband Premium to all customers at no extra charge. Nothing is required from the customer to use this service. All mail sent via the SMTP server is always scanned by default.

For those customers who wish to have incoming mail filtered as well, the Virus Filtering Service is available for a small monthly fee (registration required). Use of this service ensures that your mailbox will be free from virus-infected E-mails.

When a virus-infected mail is intercepted and is known to fake addresses, it goes no further. In all other cases (less than 10% of the time) a notice will be sent back to the sender (example text shown below):

VIRUS ALERT Our content checker found

virus: virus name in email presumably from you (), to the following recipient:-> user@domain.com

Please check your system for viruses, or ask your system administrator to do so.

Delivery of the email was stopped!

If you receive a message like the one above, please scan your machine for viruses with personal anti-virus software or a website offering online scans to be sure your computer is safe.

Sites offering free online virus scanning: