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About Rakuten Broadband Premium

GOL as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) has been bringing "reliability" to the "@gol.com" brand and taking "Quality" seriously since its foundation in 1994, when the Japanese Internet business was just getting started. GOL meets its customer's needs with the nationwide expansion of stable, high-speed connections and excellent bilingual support.

On February 1, 2003, in response to changing customer's needs and to further expand into the field of information services, GOL, changing it's name to Rakuten Broadband Premium, became a member of the Fusion Group, an IP-Phone pioneer and market leader. Rakuten Broadband Premium joined the Rakuten group in July 2007, and merged with Rakuten Communications as of September 1, 2009.

With the spread of broadband and "always on" Internet access, Rakuten Broadband Premium develops various broadband services and high value-added, next generation offerings, that meet the needs of individuals and corporations, in line with our aim to offer customer focused Internet solutions.