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Fiber Optics + IP-Phone

Rakuten Broadband Premium FLET'S Service gets connected to Rakuten Broadband Premium for an Internet connection via FLET'S Service provided by NTT East/West.

*Maximum 200Mbps downstream is only compatible with NTT "FLET'S HIKARI NEXT High-speed Type" provided by NTT East/West. Other "Flet's HIKARI"connections are 100Mbps downstream (best effort).
*In some NTT West areas, "FLET'S HIKARI NEXT Express Type" allows you up to 1G bps downstream. This is compatible with our service. To check for more details on service area, please contact
NTT west.

with Fiber Optics

Instantaneous hi-res video streaming
Bulky files download in a flash
Immune to problems caused by distance or electrical interference


The following optional services are available.

Service Name



Advanced SPAM Filtering

Blocks SPAM messages with a tool called "SPAM Assassin"

100 yen
per month

Virus Filtering

Apart from the free scanning of outgoing messages, this optional service enables incoming messages to be scanned for viruses and blocks those infected.

100 yen
per month

Additional Mailbox

300 yen
per account

Mail Plus

True portability and a high-capacity mailbox

200 yen
per month

All prices shown are excluded tax unless otherwise specified.