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Static IP on Broadband

Your private network does it all! Rakuten Broadband Premium Static IP service lets your company manage your servers in house.

About Static IP Address

Your "IP Address" is your online identification. A Static IP legitimizes your business and places your company in a category of professionalism.

Because each IP address is distinct, you gain the ability to provide access and data exchange from anywhere on the Internet.

With a standard consumer-level Internet connection, you are dynamically assigned a different IP address each time you connect. With our Static IP service, the same IP address will be reserved and assigned each time you connect.

With a static IP in place, it is possible to run a DNS server, Mail server, Web server, etc., directly from your own private network.

Static IP Address

Dynamic IP Address

Always the Same

Always Different

Your IP address will be the only one in the world! A duplicate will never exist!

Differences between Static IP1 and Static IP8

8 (or more) IPs are required for the implementation of 2 (or more) servers in your private domain network.

One IP address is required in to place a server on the Internet. When using a range of IP addresses, the first and last address cannot be assigned to public servers.

* With Static IP 8 service, only 8-2=6 addresses will be available to assign to your servers.
* When using Static IP1, IP Address is assigned to router.

Example Case: Static IP 8 (/29)

IP Address

Acceptable Usage


Network Address. Unassignable


Normally assigned to connection device (router, etc.)


Freely assigned by the customer


Freely assigned by the customer


Freely assigned by the customer


Freely assigned by the customer


Freely assigned by the customer


Broadcast Address. Unassignable

Usable server IPs are limited to #2 through #7 only

Types of Static IP connections.

Connection through Static IP service is established when you use your Connection ID and Password. Your static IP is then passed on from Rakuten Broadband Premium to your connection device.

When using Static IP 1

When using Static IP 8, Static IP 16