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Advanced SPAM Filtering


Say good-by to SPAM! Advanced SPAM Filtering service blocks SPAM that traditional filters miss.


SPAM Filter

Advanced SPAM Filtering is essentially the inclusion of a critically acclaimed SPAM detection tool called "SPAM Assasin." Rakuten Broadband Premium is certainly not the first ISP to implement this fine piece of software, but unlike the others, we are giving our customers the ability to control the level of protection to meet individual needs. When the Advanced SPAM Filtering service is enabled, you will see a new area added to the standard SPAM Filter Control Panel where you can "fine tune" the strength of the filter to a level that best suits your situation and environment.


Service Benefits

  • Easy-to-use Web interface

  • Increased ability to block SPAM from your mailbox

  • Server-side processes to better prevent unsolicited E-mail reaching your mailbox

  • Dynamic, self-learning software that improves its own ability to identify SPAM the more it is used