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Additional Mailbox

Supplement your main account with a separate mailbox.
The convenient way to distinguish business and personal E-mail.

This helpful service provides additional E-mail addresses with your primary E-mail account. Each secondary mailbox will be assigned an independent password.


  • Notice for registration completion and setup information will be sent to your primary E-mail address.

  • Additional Mailbox service will be activated within about one hour following request. However, for requests after 22:00, service will be activated next morning after 10:00.

  • Please note that no Internet connections can be made through an additional mailbox.

  • The password of an additional mailbox is initially set up to match the password of your primary E-mail account (not including Static IP on Broadband service).

  • Additional mailbox password can be changed from your Member's Station after first login with your additional mailbox address User ID and password.

  • Primary mailbox and additional mailbox cannot be logged in simultaneously because both use the same ID.


Monthly Account; Additional Mailbox service 300 yen / per account


Please proceed to the Member's Station and follow the links to the sign-up page.

All prices shown are excluded tax unless otherwise specified.