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Domein Name Registration

Domain Registration

Rakuten Broadband Premium's domain registration services allow you to configure Rakuten Broadband Premium's nameservers (DNS servers) to your preference.

Configuration Example 1

Your company is running its own internal webserver and mail server.
You use our domain management services and our nameservers.

Using Rakuten Broadband Premium's nameservers spares your business the burden and expense of running your own nameservers.

use sample 01

Configuration Example 2

Your company runs its own nameservers.
You use our domain management servers and our nameservers as secondary nameservers.

In addition to sparing your business the burden of running secondary nameservers, this option allows you to reduce the risks associated with downtime and maintenance on your primary nameservers.

use sample 02

Configuration Example 3

Your company runs only its own mail server.
You use our domain management services, our nameservers, and our webservers (VPH).

Directing webserver and nameserver traffic, which drives up the network-cost by taking up bandwidth, to Rakuten Broadband Premium, while maintaining your own internal mail server realizes effective cost-balancing for your operation.

use sample 03

Records that may be set on Rakuten Broadband Premium's nameservers

Customers holding Rakuten Broadband Premium's domain registration service contracts, if they choose to use Rakuten Broadband Premium's nameservers, may set the following records in the zone file for their domains.

  • A record


  • MX

  • SOA

Note: Customers of web hosting package services may not use these settings.

Note: Configurations or modifications to these settings are handled on a by-request basis.

Note: We may ask you to modify your SOA settings based on content.

Note: In addition to domain management, these settings may also be configured only for secondary servers if desired.

For information on service rates and other questions, please consult our sales division.