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ADSL + IP-Phone

Fees and Notes

Monthly Fee

Service Plan

Rakuten Broadband
Monthly Fee

Monthly Fee


ADSL 47M /40M /24M /12M /8M/ 1.5M

1,230 yen

380 yen*1*1

1,610 yen


The "IP-Phone Monthly Fee" listed above is our price for only one IP-Phone number. The basic IP-Phone usage fee for a"050 Personal Number Plan"(Japanese Only)of 380 yen is only charged for your first number. Additional numbers registered after your first number will be charged at only an additional 100 yen .


To use this service, customers need a corresponding FLET'S ADSL line provided by NTT East / West in addition to a Rakuten Broadband Premium FLET'S ADSL access account. NTT fees are not included in the prices listed above. Please consult the official NTT Web site for current pricing.
NTT East https://www.ntt-east.co.jp/en/product/internet_flets_adsl.html
NTT West ※For more service detail, please refer to NTT East FLET'S ADSL service pages.

Initial Fee

Rakuten Broadband Premium
Initial Setup Fee

Number Registration Fee


2,000 yen

500 yen

2,500 yen


Initial fees billed by NTT are not included in the prices listed above. Please consult directly with NTT for current pricing.


For details on required hardware/equipment, please consult with your network administrator or a IP-Phone sales agent.


The "IP-Phone Number Registration Fee" listed above is our price for only one IP-Phone number.

A Note to Customers

Considerations for IP-Phone Usage and Broadband Connection Speed
  • The speed that is listed next to each service plan is the maximum possible speed and is not guaranteed. The nature of the equipment being used, line interference, and certain household/office appliances may all be factors for declines in speed.

  • A connection speed of at least 150kbps is required to use the IP-Phone.

  • For IP-Phone, the upstream (outgoing voice information) and downstream (incoming voice information) both require the same amount of data. Even if enough upstream is allocated, the call will may not be properly established if the downstream is not allocated also. Please keep in mind that there is a limit in bandwidth when sending/receiving data or using FTP.

Calls Covered by IP-Phone service
  • Calling IP-Phone users, domestic fixed land lines (PSTN), overseas/international, and mobile phones (including PHS) are all covered.

  • Faxing, calling 3-digit numbers (including emergency numbers such as 110 and 119), and services starting with numbers such as 0570 and 0990 are not covered.

  • IP-Phone does not guarantee faxing. The NTT line should be used instead.

All prices shown are excluded tax unless otherwise specified.