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Static IP on Broadband



Service inquiries can be submitted from our Online Inquiry Form. A Rakuten Broadband Premium Corporate Services Executive will contact you to answer any questions you may have.


To apply for these services, please contact the Rakuten Broadband Premium Corporate Services Department to request copies of service documents, application forms, and any associated contract documents. Completed applications can then be mailed or faxed to the contact details provided here.


Registering a new domain name through Rakuten Broadband Premium can take up to 5 days. To assist in the process, customers are asked to ensure all documentation is fully completed.


The transfer of a domain name to Rakuten Broadband Premium from another provider requires thorough planning to avoid any disruption to a customer's current E-mail or Web pages. Please consult with a Rakuten Broadband Premium Corporate Executive for advice on the best way for this to be handled.

A Note to Customers

Structural Limitations
  • Static IP service works by assigning the customer's IP address based on the "Connection ID" used at the time of connection.
    - Only one Connection ID is provided for "Static IP 1" and "Static IP 8" plans.
    - The number of IP addresses associated with your single Connection ID (example: 8 IP addresses for a Static IP 8 plan) is determined and assigned automatically.

  • As such, your static IP addresses can not be distributed among separate networks. For example, a subscription to Static IP 8 service will not allow you to assign 2 addresses to Network A and the remaining 4 to Network B.
    -Customers are advised to consider how many IP addresses will be required on each network and apply accordingly.

    Static IP addresses cannot be split and used separately

  • Please be aware that in the case of a geographic move that results in your prefecture and telephone number requiring change, you will be unable to use the same connection ID and static IP addresses. A new static IP address or range must be assigned based on your new location. So you need to be sure to reapply using new information and then cancel the previous contract if no longer needed.


Terms and Conditions

When applying for these services, customers are required to provide a signed agreement to the terms and conditions Rakuten Broadband Premium's Static IP FLET'S service agreement.

  • The nature of static IP addresses allows it to be seen across the Internet, increasing the possibility of attacks. Customers need to be responsible for their own security.

  • If claims such as "SPAM mail was sent", "Another computer was attacked", "Device was used to attack another computer" are brought to our attention, we reserve the right to halt the connection without prior notification.

  • Rakuten Broadband Premium will not offer support configuration or implementation of individual servers. Rakuten Broadband Premium will not be held liable for trouble caused by the servers.

  • Rakuten Broadband Premium does not offer access restriction on the IP layer regarding static IPs that we assign to the customers. Please do this on the client side if needed.

  • The minimum contract term for static IP addresses is 6 months.

Other Notes
  • Rakuten Broadband Premium FLET'S Static IP services are monthly plans only. (Domain service, and primarily DNS service are yearly.)

  • Applications will only be accepted by fax or postal mail. Customers can receive the application form from Rakuten Broadband Premium by fax or postal mail.

  • After receiving the application, processing will take 7 business days for the standard service and 10 business days for the router plan.

  • In case modifications to the service, or additional IP addresses are needed, please fill out a new application and set-up fees are again applicable. The service will need to be processed from the beginning as a new application.


Any Sales or Technical inquires can be directed to the Rakuten Broadband Premium Corporate Services Department. When needing to make changes to your service, please also contact us here.